It just so happens to be February 14th very soon – but who wants to stop at just one day of equestrian love?

Every horse owner knows that their four-legged friend requires dedication and devotion 24/7 so we are sharing some of our favourite ways to demonstrate your adoration and, in the process, enhance your equine’s wellbeing…

1) The greatest gift is time

Spending time one-to-one with your horse is the ultimate way to bond, and whether you are simply sitting and watching him in his natural habitat, giving him a cuddle as he snuggles down for the night in the stable or engaging in some kind of ‘hands on’ activity with him – the simple act of taking time out to build your relationship can be instrumental in both your own, and his, wellbeing.

Grooming is the easiest way of implementing daily love into your routine. Using different grooming tools and techniques you can help boost circulation, stimulate the hair follicles, improve coat and skin health and also tone muscles. Particularly during the winter months, when our horses are often covered in rugs for the majority of the time, taking some time to allow his skin to breathe and giving him a really good scratch– will certainly provide a sense of wellbeing for him and a sense of satisfaction for you.

If you are feeling really generous then treat your horse to a massage with a qualified equine massage therapist. When it comes to equestrian therapy we are often reactive rather than proactive. However simply allowing your horse the indulgence of a massage every now and then – for no reason other than to simply treat him to some pampering – could double up and help enhance suppleness and prevent injuries later on. You know how great you feel after a massage – why not give the same to him?

2) Invest in the best

There is no doubting that taking care of horses is an expensive job! And this can often lead us to look at the cost of certain items as one off expenses rather than the whole package. However, often this is false economy and can lead us to be forced into spending more at a later date. So for this reason we think it is important to look at the long term costs rather than focusing on the price tag in front of us.

Let’s take horse feed as an example. Investing in good quality horse feed and supplements, ones that you know have got research behind them and are a respected brand, may cost a little more at the initial purchase. However they are also quite likely to save you money in the long  term. A good quality horse feed product is likely to contain higher nutrient levels which will inevitably mean that you require less of it to maintain optimum health. In addition, by supporting your equine with high quality products – you are less likely to be faced with health issues that could be costly later on. While investing in the best may not seem like a directly obvious way to show your equine how much you care – we think he will thank you in the long run!

3) Keep him entertained

Most horses enjoy keeping their body and mind active – even some of those that plead laziness! Daily exercise and movement will help keep your horse supple, healthy, maintain a healthy weight and also occupy their brain to prevent boredom. There are a number of ways to encourage daily activity– and not all have to be time consuming…

–       Ridden work – varying your riding throughout the week is important for a happy mind. Try mixing up your ridden work with some schooling, hacking and polework each week to keep your horse’s interest.

–       Groundwork – you can spend a lot of time working on basic movements from the ground – and you only need invest a short period of time. Lunging, long-reining and in-hand training are all great ways to get your horse’s mind moving, his body flexing and improve your partnership.

–       Stretching exercises – a great way to help loosen up your equine after work. Using Mini Horslyx you can encourage him to stretch and in turn become more supple through his body. Watch our video here to see how.

–       Stable time – If your horse has to be stabled for long periods of time then try and encourage movement in the stable to help prevent stiffness and ensure brain stimulation. Simple tricks like placing hay in different positions in the stable will encourage him to move, try incorporating stable toys which encourage him to stretch to the floor and keep him busy. Plus, of course, incorporating Horslyx in his stable routine will help him stay in shape both physically and mentally.

4) The obvious one…

Last but not least, we all know that the real key to our horse’s hearts is through their stomachs. There are lots of treats out there, however Mini Horslyx doubles up as a feed balancer and reward all in one! Horslyx has multiple benefits – all of which prove your undying love for your equine. From the vitamins, minerals and trace elements included, to the tasty, palatable formulation that has been carefully designed by nutritionists. Mini Horslyx is the perfect, long-lasting treat, to keep your horse entertained, distracted or encouraged during a wide range of situations.

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