Veterans-Condition-2Is your horse over the age of 16 or perhaps he struggles to maintain condition? Horslyx can be used to help maintain general

health and wellbeing in older horses and those that require a little additional nutritional support.

As a result of improved equine care and veterinary progression the majority of our horses and ponies are living longer. This is great news, but also does mean that as a horse owner it is vital to understand the care and attention our older equines require in order to maintain their health well into their golden years.

Every equine is an individual and some horses and ponies are still able to undertake ridden work during their veteran years whereas others require simple rest and relaxation in the field. However all of our veteran horses will suffer some deterioration of their digestive system, their immune system and their dentition in later life.

Feeding our older equines can present a challenge for many horse owners as large bowls of hard feed can often over-face our veteran equines as their ability to chew is compromised in later years by declining dental health. However, not receiving the necessary calories, nutrients and vitamins and minerals can result in loss of weight and condition presenting somewhat of a conundrum for many horse owners. When this is paired with the risk that improperly digested food can cause issues such as choke or colic it is that a food source is supplied which is easy for veterans to eat and digest.

Horslyx provides the solution as the high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package incorporates Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium to support and maintain a strong, healthy immune system. The simple and easy to use nutritious lick, when supplied alongside good quality forage, is a cost effective, complete method of feeding veterans. In addition the palatable lick provides a natural trickle feeding pattern, allowing easily digestible nutrition and optimum absorption time.

Horslyx supplies the balance of all the nutrients required for general wellbeing in just one tub and for owners wishing to support and maintain their horses flexibility, Mobility Horslyx is perfect for those older horses and ponies in need of a supplement to aid healthy joints.


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